Never-Bust Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack can be a really fun game to play at the casino, either in person or online, and there are countless websites offering advice on how to play blackjack online. There is the potential for big rewards because unlike other casino games that rely entirely on chance, blackjack allows players to use their wits to improve their odds of beating the dealer. The only downside is that blackjack can also be frustrating, precisely because your success depends upon your skill. If you find yourself losing at blackjack, you might be tempted to be very harsh on yourself for not doing a good job remembering the countless card combinations that are possible for each hand, as well as the recommended plays for those combinations.

Fortunately, you can improve your blackjack performance without having to master card counting or memorize tons of card combinations. All you have to do is follow a never-bust blackjack strategy.

In never-bust blackjack strategy, the goal is to never risk the cards in your hand totaling more than 21. That way, you don’t risk losing the game by going bust. Instead, you force the dealer to actually beat your cards.

There are two variations within this strategy. The first is to hit (take another card) whenever your hand is below 12, and stand (not take another card) whenever your hand totals 12 or more. The second strategy is a little more aggressive and carries a little more risk. It calls for hitting on hands below 17 and standing on 17 and over.

Why not try out these two simple versions of a never-bust strategy next time you play blackjack?